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Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Maribor (Slovenia)

Maribor IHK.JPG (541345 bytes)Funded by PHARE funds of the European Union GFE assists the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Maribor to qualify the Small- and Medium Enterprises of the Chambers region for the competition in the "Single European Market". Under the title "Emerging EU" in a two years programme a broad qualification and training programme is offered, including subjects as European legislation, ISO 9000 ff, quality management, logistics, marketing, selling in the EU, human resources management, financial engineering, project presentation etc. .  Another topic of this project is the promotion of cross border co-operations with Austria. Though a cross-border co-operation with the CCI of Graz has been initiated and cross- border business meetings. This project started in 2002.

TeSkopje UD + Minister Wirtschaft Jetai.jpg (21215 bytes)chnology Center Skopje, Macedonia

In Skopje will be realized a Technology Center/Incubator in joint co-operation of the Technical University of Skopje, the City of Skopje and the Government. Dr. Ulrich Daldrup of GFE had been invited on behalf of German GTZ to address speeches to decision makers of Macedonia to brief them on the advantages of such Centers. He also showed the way to realize, no manage and to finance a Technology Center.

Dr. Daldrup was received by Macedonian Minister of Economy, Besnik Jetai, who showed particular interest in the chances of a Technology Center for his country

Photo: Minister of Economy Besnik Jetai meeting the CEO of GFE Daldrup

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Technology Center Kaunas, Lithuania

A co-operation agreement dated September 1997 between the University of Kaunas, with 17.000 students the leading Technical University in the Baltics and GFE/AGIT to realize the first Technology Center as incubator for start-up companies of former students and of professors of that University, has been successful by the official opening of the 1.500 m² Center in the Campus of the University in Kaunas. In the year 2000, with 27 start-up companies, all with innovative products and 150 new created employments, that Center is fully booked out. A second Technology Center in Kaunas should be opened soon. The Lithuanian managers of the Center received training in the Aachen based Technology Center of AGIT, the partner of GFE. For ore information click: Kaunas Technology Centre.

This project is financed by German Transform Programme (a budget line of German Ministry of Economy and Technology) under KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau) and Lithuanian Ministry of Economy and the University of Kaunas.
Photo: The Technology Center of Kaunas

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Technology Center Aachen (AGIT), Germany

The Technology Center of Aachen, managed by the AGIT, a public company owned by local municipalities, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Technical University of Aachen and the Savings Bank of Aachen, started as the first Technology Center of Germany in 1984. Today the Center covers 85.000 m² in eleven Centers in the Region and helped to create some 950 new companies, employing directly 10.000 individuals. AGIT became a partner of GFE in many projects in Eastern Europe. The Chairman of GFE is Member of the Board of AGIT.

Vocational Training Center Fez/Morocco

From 1985 till today GFE together with the Frankfurt based Chamber of Handicrafts realized, with a 12 Million Dm German government co-funding, a Chamber of Handicrafts (Chambre d'Artisanat) and a Marokko CPP Abt.jpg (513335 bytes)vocational training center in Fez/Morocco. This Vocational Training Center is dedicated to 24.000 small and medium enterprises of the region of Fez to qualify their personnel. The center was first run by German experts of the Handwerkskammer Rhein-Main and of GFE, who have in the years been replaced by Moroccan trainers, who had been qualified in the vocational training centers of the Handwerkskammer in Frankfurt. Thanks to a change of legislation in Morocco, initiated by this project, the Chambre d'Artisanat of Fez Marokko CPP Fes.jpg (414949 bytes)became entitled to grant professional qualification certificates to the students, also if they where illiterate and could only follow practical and verbal examinations. Only modern skills, as welding, electronics, car repair, modern furniture making, general mechanics are offered. Every year about 1.000 students follow the courses of the Center. This Center became a stone mark in the quality standard of vocational training in Morocco outside OFPPT activities.
Photo: The Vocational Training Center of Fez

IMG_0185.JPG (642590 bytes)Photo: Main building of the Technical University of Kaunas

Technology Transfer, University of Kaunas (Lithuania)

Assisted by Aachen based Technical University and University of Applied Sciences, GFE introduces in the University a Technology Transfer Department. The knowledge and experience of the University will be made available to private sector companies and the Institutes of the University will be promoted to create private companies putting into value the results of their research work. This Technology Transfer Department follows the example of the two Universities from Aachen and work closely together with the Technology Center of Kaunas. The Uiversity of Applied Sciences of Aachen has signed in the year 2000, initiated by GFE,  a co-operation agreement with the Technical University of Kaunas.

This project is financed by German Transform Programme (a budget line of German Ministry of Economy and Technology) under KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau) and Lithuanian Ministry of Economy and the University of Kaunas.

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Technology Center of Siaulai/Lithuania

In frame of the co-operation with the Technology Center of Kaunas, GFE assists three other Technology Centers of Lithuania.

Photo: Technology Center of Siaulai

IMG_0869.JPG (566375 bytes) Incubator and Technology Center, Mauritius

The Government of Mauritius intends to realize an Incubator - Technology Center for ICT companies. GFE has been recruited as advisers in 2001. GFE has presented a Business Plan for the realization of this Technology Center. The Prime Minister of Mauritius received Mr. Daldrup, to have a long discussion on a quick realization of this Center.

Photo: Proposed building for the new Technology Center of Mauritius in Port au Prince